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Portable HH-300

Sous le système d'inspection des véhicules

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The primary under vehicle inspection system (UVIS) configuration of the HH-300 is based on a wheeled dolly design using 360 degree all-terrain wheels with wear-resistant tyres. It is a fully man-portable under vehicle inspection system (UVSS / UVIS).


This unique design allows easy mobility to search the full underside of a vehicle on any road / track condition, considerably enhancing hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) capabilities -  a quantum leap from under vehicle inspection mirrors.


Attached to the HH-300 UVIS dolly base is a telescopic pole that can extend up to 2 metres for full under vehicle access, facilitating full visual inspection capability of even oversize vehicles.


A 2.5 megapixel high-definition portable camera is securely mounted on this dolly base, delivering high quality images to the operator from the underside of the vehicle during inspection.

The Flex Pole camera resolution is 3.0 megapixel, with 6 LEDs for lighting.

The HH-300 under vehicle inspection system's 7” HD colour LCD screen provides live feed display with full 1920 x 1080p resolution. This ruggedised battery powered LCD provides up to 8 hours of work time.


The HH-300 supports up to 256 SD storage and includes a one-button patented sunshade for outdoor use - critical for operational effectiveness in high-sunlight regions. The LCD brightness can be adjusted with side panel buttons.

A LEMO HDMI connector is utilised between the camera and display to ensure secure cable connections at all times.

In addition to being the market-leading hand-held under vehicle camera, the HH-300  portable UVIS also comes with a flexible goose-neck attachment with a compact 3.0 megapixel camera.


This allows the HH-300 to be used for inspecting areas like shipping containers, ventilation ducts, small pipes, or behind objects that cannot be easily moved.


The goose-neck attaches to the telescopic pole and the HDMI cable connects to the HD colour LCD providing clear ultra-high resolution images. An illuminated light source is included on the HH-300 camera for low light areas.

The complete HH-300 UVIS package is housed in a compact, ruggedised aluminum case for easy, protected, transport. Weighing only 6 kg (13.5lbs), the case provides foam structure cavities to keep all the components safely packaged during transit and storage.


As an ultra-portable and ultra-tough package, the man-portable HH-300 system is ready for operational deployment in under 2 minutes and will deliver in practically all environmental conditions.

Shipping ex-stock, the HH-300 is available for Urgent Operational Requirement, UORs, and standard orders now. MOQ: 1piece.

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